Tulip is our cat.  Back in late April Brianna finally convinced me she needed an animal. I gave in and said we could get a cat.  
leonora-allum-tulipSo we got Tulip at the Human Society in Woodbury, MN.  This cute little tuxedo cat is a great cat.  She cries all the time, loves to play with her dragonfly and has the run of every house she is in. 
So due to some unfortunate circumstances, we are staying with my parents until we move into our new apartment on August 1. So it is me and Brianna, Tulip and my parents.  She has taken over the house.  To be expected, I mean she is our cat?!?
So this weekend my niece’s dog is staying the night. Then they settle in for a nap.  So I wind up with both of them with me in the office.  I have the dog on the ottoman and the cat on the chair.  Great!  It is quiet and peaceful.  Then it is dinner time, and I move supper quietly to leave the room.  BOOM they are both up and under me feet again.  He “Buddy” needs watched.  So the two of them run around for hours after each other.  Buddy following Tulip, and then being chased by Tulip. 
I am done.  I am lucky enough to eat ½ of my dinner before they are knocking things over and finishing my mac n cheese while I clean up.  I am afraid of what will happen overnight.



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