Happy Sunday!

Yesterday we spent the day running all over town.  Went to my parents to celebrate Brianna’s birthday with them, since Mom can not leave the house because of her surgery.  Then we headed up to Bloomington, MN to go to Sam’s Club and the finally to Target to pick up prescriptions and grocery shop.  Finally, we went “Frattalones” on Grand Avenue and bought our Christmas Tree.

The worse part was getting everything into the house.  We could not move in the house with all of the stuff we had sitting all over.

Well today (Sunday) we cleaned out a bunch of the totes full of unnecessary and non working things, started decorating, and put away all of the things we do not need for this Christmas.  As soon as the tree settles, we will decorate it!  Hope you are having fun.  Enjoy that holidays.

Have a Happy Day!

~ Leonora

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A great quote

In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.
Albert Einstein

A great quote!  Something to think about ….  many disagreements about today’s verdict!

Southampton’s Meadow “Billionaire” Lane

Concrete Fancy

If you’re a top dog on Wall Street or a successful entrepreneur and you’re looking for a home in the Hamptons, chances are you’ll want to take a gander at Meadow Lane. The road is just five miles long, but it houses an impressive number of billionaires—who all apparently live next door to one another.

Taking a stroll down the lane will reveal a number of beautiful homes, ranging in value from about $18 million all the way up to $43 million apiece. Now that’s a house!

Moving onto Meadow Lane could make you neighbors with some of the biggest names on Wall Street and beyond. Leon Black, head of private equity firm Apollo Global Management, has a 4-lot compound there worth nearly $43 million. Oh, and Calvin Klein has the house next door, his home complete with a 7-car garage, guesthouse, and private screening room.

Hotelier, entrepreneur, and real estate developer…

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