Who is the Rosey Woman?

IMG_0033My name is Leonora.  I am a single mother of a 16-year-old daughter. My daughter and I are currently living in St Paul, MN. 
I love to cook and bake (and eat); I tend to specialized in Italian and French provincial cooking. Organization is my hobby. Fashion is fabulous but if you ask my daughter I have no fashion sense. Crafting, scrapbooking and all things DIY are an obsession.
 I also love to read books (some day I will put my reading list for the last few years online) and magazines. I love to watch movies (Fast & the Furious anyone).  My favorite color is pink and I could live on coffee and chocolate.
For the last five years I have been working as an independent contractor as a Project Management Consultant.  I enjoy this work because it gives me many opportunities to regulate my work and personal schedules.  
I am currently getting my Bachelors Degree through Concordia University – St Paul in Organizational Management and Leadership. I graduate in May 2014.  And have been accepted into the Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Marketing Analytics at Concordia .

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